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European door
Slightly medieval door
Unique mint green european door
Gun turret on old city walls of Dubrovnik old city.
Ancient entrance in Croatian old city
Teal green European door
Green european door
Ancient wooden door
Elaborate European door
Old European door
Textured European door
Wooden pattern door
Wooden door with gold trim
Windows in Dubrovnik Croatian old city
Window in Dubrovnik old city
Roman ceilings
Basilica of St Mary of People
Ceiling of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City
Roman ceiling
The Hall of the Muses (Sala delle Muse) by Tommaso Conca
Ceiling in the Galleria Borghese
Marble floors in St. Peter's Basilica
Vatican tiled ceiling
The Battle of the Milvian Bridge by Giulio Romano and Francesco Penni
Roman ceilings
Villa Borghese Galleria ceiling
Ceiling in Santa Maria della Vittoria
Galleria delle Carte Geografiche
Roman marble floors
Vatican Ceilings
The Egyptian room at the Galleria Borghese
Ceiling fresco inside the entrance hall of Galleria Borghese by Sicilian painter Mariano Rossi
Raphael's Stanza di Eliodoro in Vatican city
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